Exhibitions / Conference

VenYou organize and manage small scale and large scale Exhibitions / Conferences including Customized Exhibitions Stands, Shell Schemes, QTA License ( Exhibition License ) and all kinds of permissions .
Every art-form when hidden creates curiosity but when exhibited wins applause, hearts and even becoming celebrity. Exhibitions of art have come a long way- be it the paintings in Ajanta-Ellora caves or the eternal stone carvings at temples. Fast Forward, now exhibition bring together artists, curators and art-lovers. Flea markets promoting handmade artifacts, galleries showcasing paintings & public spaces turned into sculpture gardens. And thematic exhibitions for jewellery, weaves and even dolls promote art & heart!
VenYou has executed various number of events till date and is working daily on bettering itself to create highly imaginative setups at optimum values for all our clients. We work on creating unforgettable experience for our clients.

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